A brown-eyed girl

by Stuart Lennon
Spotlight Stationery, my favourite stationery subscription is issuing its last box. Rob & Mary let subscribers know that they’ll be folding no more tissue after seven years of sending monthly boxes of delight out from Cheltenham. This husband and wife team were some of the first people I met when I blundered into the world of stationary (that one’s for you, Mary 😉), and I couldn’t have hoped to meet two nicer folk. I wish them both the very best of retirements. If you’re reading this before December 23rd 2022, then jump over there now and grab yourself the last box. It’ll be awesome.

Less retiring, more pivoting is Peter from Start Bay Notebooks. “Stationery, sketching, journaling - the journal of someone that has a go.” Isn’t that all of us? Peter made wonderful leather covers for notebooks. You know the type, with elastics on the inside, so that one could carry several books in one beautiful, tactile package. He’s stopped that, focusing instead on the activity rather than the tools. The excellent posts on his site have inspired even me to try sketch something. A HomePod atop a cabinet, if you must know. Check out his site and newsletter.

Hopefully, not going anywhere, is notesinabook.com a stationery blog that’s been going since 2009 with extensive reviews of notebooks and stationery subscriptions. We know who’s behind it, but the author prefers to keep a low profile, so we’ll respect their privacy too. Go have a read - and sign up for their newsletter.

Now, whatever you do, don’t go and visit this place. Far too good! The Stationer is owned and run by Tessa Lowry-Osborne and has some lovely stuff. A great independent business to give a little of your custom if you can.

Here at Cyprus station, the canine division has a temp in - Chicago. This miniature pointer was abandoned, and took to joining Spice, Charlie and I on our morning walks. Each day she looked thinner and ultimately, I couldn’t ignore her. She has a heart murmur, which is probably why she was abandoned and she’s clearly had some rough handling in the past, but she is, in the accent of my Irish forbearers, “a dote.”

We’re fostering her on behalf of a shelter that settles Cypriot rescue dogs in the UK, so, if you could give a home to a stationery-loving hound, take a look here.