5E Character Journal

by Stuart Lennon

We have had these in stock since Field Notes released them.

This is what they said:


We present thee with the Field Notes 5E Character Journal, a handsome tome for the fifth edition of “the world’s greatest roleplaying game,” Dungeons & Dragons.

It is specifically designed to help you track your D&D character’s statistics, spells, weapons, treasure, history, and more. The 64 pages feature room for all data normally found on a character sheet, and more, including plenty of space to document your adventure level by level.

We’ve been making Field Notes for well over a decade now, so we’ve seen more than our fair share of Graph paper. Yet, even now, some of us can’t look at little squares without wanting to map out a route through a subterranean dungeon or an abandoned castle, striving to defeat the dragon, berserker, or whatever other enemies stand between us, treasure, and glory.
A recent call from the folks at the Chicago Board Game Cafe, offering their considerable wisdom and charisma, finally sparked us into action.

Each 2-Pack includes two “Note Book”-sized Character Journals, 4-3/4" x 7-1/2", with blood-red French Paper Co “Construction” 100# covers featuring handy data, tables, and diagrams for reference. The body pages are beefy Domtar Lynx Ultra Smooth 70# text with clear-but-subtle light brown print. The pages contain fields for game information, character data, and level-by-level notes.”

If you have read this far, the chances are that you have at least a passing interest in Dungeons & Dragons, and if you have, you will love these journals. I can see regular players stocking up, and building a library of their characters. I know I will.

Buy a pair for £20 here.