by Stuart Lennon

How's that for a cryptic title?

1857 is a podcast.The Podcast about making the past, the present, in the future.

Still not sure? Me neither. Have a listen.

Every week, TJ Cosgrove and I have a wee chat about analogue stuff. If you don't know TJ, he is the man behind the excellent You Tube Channel, 'Wood & Graphite'. We have featured him on the blog here once or twice too.

Handsome ain't he?

TJ and I have never met in person, but every week, we have a chat, surrounded by all sorts of electronic gizmos. Each and every week, one of these gizmos stops working, belches, farts or just has a hissy fit, but TJ has a stern word with the offending thingymabob and makes it all work again.

Today, our first episode drops (that's cool media talk, you know). We hope to keep a steady flow of shows coming each week thereafter. We would love to hear your feedback, here, on Facebook, on Twitter, by email or even by snail mail. We're learning as we go and acknowledge that we have a lot to learn.

If, like me, you only have the vaguest understanding of what a podcast is, worry not, it's really simple. There are plenty of free apps for your smart phone or web services for your computer where you can subscribe to either an episode, or to the podcast itself. If you do the latter, then every week you will magically find each episode as it is released. Once you are there, the world is in fact, your oyster. You'll want to subscribe to the PenAddict and The Erasable Podcast too. There are some amazing podcasts out there, on all sorts of subjects. I'm a convert and listen to them in the office or on my commute.

To be honest, it's disconcerting to hear my own voice recorded. To my own great surprise, there is a touch of the 'Boris Johnsons' to my tone. I'm not entirely convinced that I'm pleased by that. 

Give it a listen. Any and all feedback is gratefully received and if there's anything that you like us to cover in the podcast, let us know. Any questions, fire away.

The first episode is called New Beginnings and you can find it at www.1857.co.uk or wherever you get your podcasts. 

To practice 'my art', I have also opened a channel at anchor.fm 

This channel is imaginatively called 'Pocket Notebooks', and is made up of tiny snippets, 'Behind the Scenes' at PoNo Towers. To save the world from my random musings, download the app, and call in with any questions. You'll be right on the bleeding age of technology and I'll answer honestly as quickly as I can.