155. My lucky number

by Stuart Lennon

Happy New Year to you all.

My apologies to all those still waiting for their Volumes 155 from Blackwing. Of all our supply chains, this is our slowest. This edition, in particular, has had all the nimble velocity of a glacier.

We are assured that the merchandise is now in the UK and that we will be despatching first class to you all next week. Thank you for your patience. It’s not good enough, and we are working with all parties in the supply chain to ensure that we get better, and that in particular all UK retailers get the opportunity to be in stock simultaneously.

Here at Nero’s, we’re excited about 2020. For one, Write Notepads are back, with a rich variety of shapes and sizes of notebooks. We have some incredible things coming out of Calepino. How are the French so effortlessly stylish?

Alongside the iconic Kaweco Sport, we now have the Pocket Six from Schon DSGN, scratching my itch for #edc fountain pens. Some customers have asked whether Nero’s will expand into pens and the answer, in short, is No. To do pens properly is a full time job. I recommend Niche Pens, Hamilton Pens and Cult Pens. I’m a customer of all three and have had excellent service from each.

We intend to expand our own brand lines of notebooks. It’s no secret that these are built by Rob de la Porte of Madefor.ink. Rob is a fantastic guy, and I hope that we can steal increasing amounts of his time this year. Swing by his site and buy some of his other creations. They’re awesome.

While Clare is not watching, I will be looking to expand our graphite lines. These are an absolute nightmare to pick, pack and ship, but pencils are, for me at least, the crack cocaine of the stationery world.

Ultimately, we’re here because of you. So if there’s something you would like to see in stock drop us a note by e-mail or in comments and we’ll see what we can do. Talking of which - I have to speak to a Swedish manufacturer that a customer asked for.

Remember. Forget the app, there’s a notebook for that.