Trigg Life Mapper 2020

  • £ 20.00 GBP

Trigg is a mindfulness diary that will help you transform your goals into success.  Awarded "Best New Product" at the London Stationery Show in 2017, Bree and Matt continue to strive to help us all plan our lives more effectively.

The A5 diary is a page a day with a range of 10 innovative structures that will help you deliver perspective, reduce procrastination and hopefully create positivity.


These are the included structures:

» ‘Annual Forecast’ section to outline your key targets

» A ‘Personal Manifesto’ to visualise and amplify your core desires and behaviour

» A monthly planner page to verbalise the most important aims before your month starts

» A daily productivity grid to compartmentalise the urgent, long term vital from the irrelevant

» A weekly gratitude section to ensure you value and revel in the week’s highlights

» A weekly reflection section to ensure you learn and evolve from all successes AND failures

» A daily inspirational quote themed around productivity, mindfulness, habit or gratitude

» A weekly ‘call to action’ that ensures you check in with your dreams and progress

» A six month review section to check in with your goals

» A final annual review section to holistically assess your year on highs, lows and lessons

Think Trigg: ascend to greater perspective.