Story Supply - Supply Kit 001

  • £ 9.00 GBP


Take a look at this. Quite possibly the coolest notebook ever. 


Disguised to blend in with standard-fare school supplies, Story Supply Kit Edition 001 is anything but ordinary. Start your own comic. Start a story with one of the prompts on the back cover. Keep a journal.

The Story Supply Kit is your space to create a new world or explore the one you're in. 


  • Strategic exterior disguise
  • 1 "Make your own comic" storyboard
  • Writing prompts to get you unstuck
  • A superior wood writing tool with graphite erasing technology
  • One Sticker
  • Fun for all ages


  • 5.25" x 7.75"
  • 64 Lined Pages
  • 7 oz.
  • 60# Natural Smooth Text Stock 

*Similar to the Supply Kits  donated to young storytellers enrolled with programs in our partner organizations. 

** This item qualifies for the Supply Kit Program. One Supply Kit = One Supply Kit donation to a kid with a story to tell. 

About Story Supply

Story Supply Co. is a craft stationery and design firm devoted to creating and selling analog tools that help people tell their story. Think notebooks, paper pads, postcards, posters, pens, pencils. Design and craft is at the heart of our products. We want products that look and feel good. We want products that inspire artists and makers to capture their ideas, design beautiful things, and share their stories.
In addition to well-made, useful and inspiring products, Story Supply Co. is driven to helping build stronger communities, and we think stories can help do just that. Learn more about the Story Supply Kit program, and how by purchasing the products you use to tell your story, you can inspire and support kids who will benefit from telling theirs.