Norderly Co - 2 pack of Pocket Notebooks Graph

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 Endre is a Norwegian creative with an affinity for stationery and analogue tools.  He loves nature and spends a lot of his free time taking part in outdoor activities.  To record these fantastic moments he always carries a notebook and a writing utility.  "They tell a story that I will enjoy looking back on". 

Here's how Endre's story developed into making the Norderly Notebook.

In 2018 I was taking notes on what I value about carrying a pocket notebook.  While doing this, I thought to myself, I want an active part in this world of analogue tools.  With that, the idea for Norderly was born.  Products that are useful but can also tell the story of Norwegian nature and history.  There are plenty of great brands out there, so my mission was simple.  Make writing essentials as a contribution to the stationery world, and through my products continue to inspire people to always carry a pocket notebook.  A Nordic notebook.

Stu, TJ, Amanda and Scrib have all tested the notebooks, you can read their reviews on the blog, or on 1857 podcast.

Fountain Pen Friendly paper

 Pack of two

44 pages graph paper

89mm x 140mm