Nomad Sakura Notebooks with Musgrave Pencils

  • £ 21.00 GBP

What a double act, fantastic notebooks and superb pencils, all with a glorious Spring vibe.

This Sakura limited edition is inspired by the Sakura blossom.  When the trees blossom in Spring the Japanese celebrate as it symbolises hope and renewal.  Spring 2021 won't see large celebrations, but these notebooks and pencils will definitely bring a smile to your face.  

Each pack has 3 notebooks, all with different covers and of course each notebook has different pages, including plain pink sheets, bullet, dark pink with Japanese characters, blush page, graph and a page with blossom artwork.

The pencils, from one of our favourite suppliers, Musgrave Pencils, feature three different colour pencils with three different types of wood - cedar, fir and black basswood.

48 pages, with 70lb paper, the cover is 100lb.

14cm x 9cm

Pencils are 2, HB

Made in USA