Hightide - Extra Notebook A6

  • £ 5.00 GBP

The Wholesale description of these books is:

Two lined notebooks
Two colours (one of each)
32 pages

So, there you are then.

I went off to seek enlightenment at the Japanese manufacturer's site.


HIGHTIDE was named from the feeling of having always been fulfilled emotionally and spiritually. I hope that this fulfilled spirit can be conveyed to all of you who purchase our products. In our lives, fulfilment in our daily life and work mutually create a positive effect. We will continue to turn our sincere feelings that we experience while looking at the ocean into new products."

Blimey. A big ask for a notebook.
More practically, they are indeed 32 pages. 140mm by 100mm. So Field Note height but a shade wider. 6mm line spacing. Lines are a fetching blue. Pages are perforated for easy removal.
Oddly, about a third of the way across the page there is a vertical double line. I believe this is an interpretation that creates the "To Do" format.
Paper is white, smooth and a good quality medium weight. A bit of show through on my fountain pens, but nothing that would prevent me using the book. 
Each pair comes with a couple of labels should wish to title or reference them.
The Hightide Extra A6 is at the higher end of the quality spectrum and definitely a tiny bit quirky. They are growing on me.