Field Notes Pony Express Leather Pouch

  • £ 75.00 GBP


Each Pony Express Leather Pouch is hand-tooled from premium American leather by the fine folks at Tanner Goods of Portland, Oregon. It fits three of our Field Notes memo books perfectly.


As told firsthand, from the blowhole of Field Notes' “Quality Control Officer” Aaron James Draplin:

Evan and I were junkin’ at the Brimfield Antique Show out in Massachusetts. We had ravished all the top-dollar lanes and were venturing out away from the main drag, out towards the edge of the woods. There was an old lady pacing around a Ryder truck with its back door opened, various boxes of this and that speckled around the back gate. We dug through some crates and just as I was about to pull up stakes, I saw this old leather pouch under a pile of stuff.

I picked the thing up, studied it, noticed the debossed “USPS” insignia, held it up and said, “How much you asking on this?”

The lady squinted and lazily said, “I gotta get three bucks for that.”

Not one to argue with science, I dug out some sweaty dollar bills and certified the transaction.

Later that night, poring over my spoils from the weekend, I marveled at the simplicity and beauty of the piece. Thick leather and beefy sewing, with an indestructible snap. As it just so happened, it perfectly fit the stack of Field Notes memo books I always have on me: the one I’m using at the moment, the latest one from a couple weeks back and a fresh one, just in case. All bases covered.

This was the first of its kind I had ever seen out there. Standard issue stuff for postal workers? Maybe. I have an old USPS carrier bag from the ‘80s, and knowing the dirty story behind how I got my hands on it (which I’ll keep to myself to protect the heathens behind the heist), well, we’ll just say that this stuff doesn’t get out into the public too much. Instead of keeping the thing to myself, I started drawing up plans to make our very own.

So I had my plans laying around the shop, along with the example I found in Brimfield. A visiting friend from Los Angeles, one Kevin Carney, put me up to the challenge: “So make them, already!”

He set me up with Tanner Goods, right here in Portland. I arranged a meeting, brought my plans and big mouth and we struck up a deal. Thank you Sam, Jevan and Mark!

The rest is history. Unearth something, think on it, make a stack of them and offer them to the world! That's just like our memo books. It's the Field Notes way.


Grade-A American natural tooling leather.

Line 24 four-piece ring snap enclosure. 

No. 138 weight polyester-based saddle stitching using a No. 23 needle to sew it all up.

Stitched, edged, molded, buffed and stamped in Tanner Goods’ Portland facilities.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.