Poach My Lobster Notebook - Lobster

Poach My Lobster Notebook - Lobster

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 Louise loves all things to do with print, paper and food, with a passion for beautiful notebooks, notebooks with a purpose and a message, food- and literature-inspired notebooks. 

This is what Louise has to say:

"As someone who loves notebooks and writes in them with a fountain pen, there were several things that were essential: a handheld, tactile format; high-quality embossed paper, finished as beautifully as if it were a book and internal paper that had no show-through (when pen ink can be seen on the reverse of the page written on). I also wanted to make them beautiful using letterpress illustration, adding a message to each one, focused on the joy of food, a joy which makes every day better for me."

We are stocking all three of Louise's notebooks.

128 blank pages of Fedrigoni Arcoprint Edizioni Avorio 100gsm

Cover printed on G F Smith's Colorplan 270gsm with Buckram embossing.

Produced in Italy.

202mm x 128mm