1857 Cassette - Season 1

1857 Cassette - Season 1
1857 Cassette - Season 1
1857 Cassette - Season 1

1857 Cassette - Season 1

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Once upon a time, in a world before Apple Music, audio was contained on physical media. The cassette tape, two spools of magnetic coated polyester tape held inside a plastic shell was one such container. Holding between 30 - 45 minutes of audio per side, the cassette was the hero of many a cross country road trip and the vehicle for an entire generation of "I fancy you so here are some songs I like" mixtapes.
Though the heady days of cassette tapes is mostly passed, a digital descendant has risen from its smouldering ashes. The USB cassette.
This is the official 1857 Season 1 USB Cassette. It contains the first 52 weekly episodes of the show, the unreleased Episode 0 prototype recording and a few added extras for your listening pleasure. There is well over 70 hours of content in there and we are so proud to be able to share it with you. Simply slide out the USB from inside the cassette, insert it into your computing device of choice and boom, the delectable digital files are yours for the taking.
Full Track Listing
Welcome Message
0 - Unreleased Pilot
1 - New Beginnings
2 - Travelling
3 - Collections
4 - Burnout
5 - Routines
6 - Values
7 - Languages
8 - Patronage
9 - Typewriters
10 - Processes
11 - Retail
12 - EDC
13 - Notebooks
14 - Exhibitionism
15 - Privacy
16 - Belfast - LIVE
17 - Digibattical
18 - Notebooks II
19 - Jobbyjobs
20 - Investments
22 - Music
23 - Pen Shows
24 - Preconceptions
25 - H.C. Marks
26 - Working Space
27 - Rituals
28 - Decision Fatigue
29 - Dress Code
30 - Health Extremism
31 - Archive Dive I
32 - Notifications
33 - Focus
34 - Money
35 - Hobbyjobs
36 - Comfort Zone
37 - Discombobulation
38 - Gift Giving
39 - Nero
40 - Legacy
41 - House Buying
42 - The Failed Minimalist
43 - Topic : No Topic
44 - Digital Reliance
45 - You Need a Budget
46 - Done Not Perfect
47 - FOMO
48 - Christmas 2018
49 - Hogmanay 2018
50 - Andy Welfle
51 - Backpacks & Knapsacks
52 - Writing
*Note: Don't try putting the USB cassette into a real cassette player because: 1. Why do you still have that? 2. It's not going to work. 

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