Our Vision

A notebook is a gateway to another world. A place that some of us loved but left behind, and a place that some have not yet visited. Our lives are increasingly digitized. The noise and insistence of technology is constant. A notebook takes us to a world that we choose. A world where the only sound is our sound.

To open a notebook and make a mark on the paper with a pen or pencil opens a wealth of creative opportunities. A sketch, the opening of a play, the defining novel of a generation, a poem, a recipe, a love letter, a number one song - all are possible.

There are tasks that are brilliantly handled by technology. There are some that still work brilliantly well in a notebook...

Here we will talk about notebooks. How we use them. Why we use them. Which ones we like and why. This will be a place to come and find notebooks of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world.

We are super stoked about the renaissance of Stationery and are fortunate to have made great friends from the Communities that exist here in the UK. The TJ Cosgrove, Ian Hedley and Jenny Mason are passionate, knowledgeable and influential in their field. Pocket Notebooks love to listen, learn, provide value but above all exist to serve and empower this thriving Community.

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