Meet The Founders

Hey there. I'm Stuart. Chief dog-walker at Nero's Notes. 

I took over the site in February 2017. I was a customer here, and I liked it so much that I bought the company. Echoes of Victor Kiam there for those of a certain age. I am mad, (in many respects) about stationery in general and notebooks in particular. 

I am never without a notebook (or four) and I still get a thrill opening a new pack.

This little guy is Tamodan Midnight Sun; Nero to his friends, a Miniature Schnauzer. Chief Executive Officer at Nero's Notes.

Our aim is to make this site the place where people know they'll be able to find their favourite brand and make a new discovery or two.

We took over from...

Pocket Notebooks wasn’t born on a whim.  From a very young age, Tony Short, Founder has been fascinated with stationery. Understandably, this included spending his mother's small change in the local independent stationer, but somewhat strangely, it also included taking sheets of perfectly formed paper, placing them on a tray full of water to turn into slurry with the naive aim of recycling the paper.  Special, we know.

Not being a luddite of any description, Tony has always ‘got’ technology and loves the possibilities that digital has offered, and continues to offer, us. However, as many agree, there is something about tangible things - particularly analog tools - that allow you to capture your thoughts with minimum distractions.

Being vastly experienced within the stationery industry, Tony  successfully founded StudioAlt, an online store that sells non-digital toolkits to those involved in digital and technology.  It was whilst scaling StudioAlt that he first experienced pocket notebooks from Field Notes and since then, Tony has made it his journey to focus on providing these quality products, coupled with knowledgable guides, product advice and great customer experience.

Launching in early 2015, within a matter of months, Tony invited close friend Dan Smith - Investor, Digital Engagement Strategist, to come on board.  Similar to Tony in the sense he has fond memories of putting pen to paper regularly during his childhood, by Dan’s own admission he was blown away by just how popular the stationery industry still was, given that he was a complete digital convert.  However, that's quickly changed and you’ll not often find Dan at his laptop or on the phone without a pocket notebook and pen nearby.

Having exactly the same values and vision, Tony and Dan collaborated closely to not only drive Pocket Notebooks forward, but cement the brand as one of the leading industry retailers.

Thank you for visiting and taking your time getting to know us.  We really do appreciate it.

In February 2017, Tony and Dan handed control of Pocket Notebooks to Stuart Lennon, selling the business to concentrate on their other projects. In February 2018, the name of the site was changed to Nero's Notes.