Whitelines - Wiretop A6 Notepad Lined

Whitelines - Wiretop A6 Notepad Lined

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Whitelines are unique in their approach whereby the lines use light grey tint as oppose to the traditional dark lines. Using these pocket notebooks you work seems clearer and sharper. Not only that but the lines lend themselves to being photocopied, scanned or photographed and make sure there are no interference from the dark background lines.

PLEASE NOTE - These are not LINK enabled and do NOT work with the app.

Product Details
  • 70 pages, 8mm lined 
  • A6. 105 x 148 mm
  • CO2 Neutral paper production
  • 80g paper weight
  • Wiretop Binding
  • Made in Sweden
        About Whitelines

        Whiteness are a Swedish manufacture of paper with the simple aim of creating a new kind of writing paper which, through its remarkable clarity, could support everyone’s writing, drawing and thinking.  They also collaborated with Leuchtturm to create Notebooks that blend analog with digital with the clever implementation of mobile apps that help you synchronise to collaboration tools such as Dropbox and Evernote.