Clairefontaine Agebag Duo 12cm x 7.5cm

  • £ 3.50 GBP

The Age Bag is a quality notebook from Clairefontaine of France. The name is derived from luggage, since the card covers have a worn leather-like look to them. They are ideal for anything from office notebooks to travel journals. These Duos are officially size 'dinky' or 'La dinky' as they say in France. As with all the Clairefontaine range, these are amazing value for money.

These small notebooks are stapled-bound and come as a pack of 2 books. Each pack has one black and one of either blue, red, green or tan notebooks. Inside they have high quality 90gsm vellum paper. They have 24 sheets/48 pages with lined paper.


  • Collections: Age Bag
  • Material : Papier Satiné
  • Brand : Clairefontaine
  • Cover materials : Carte grain cuir
  • Paper quality : blanc 9 (vélin velouté)
  • Grammage : 90
  • Size : 75x120
  • Size : 7,5x12
  • Range : Age Bag
  • Nb. Sheets : 24
  • Ruling : Lined
  • Paper color : blanc
  • Binding : reliure piquée
  • Weight : 54G