Fisher Space Bullet Pen with clip - Purple

Fisher Space Bullet Pen with clip - Purple

  • £ 36.00 GBP

Sometimes you just need a pen that's reliable and works anywhere.  This little bullet pen will do just that!

Paul Fisher realised that when astronauts where exploring space there wasn't a pen which would work in extreme temperatures or certain angles.  After many months of testing the space pen was selected for astronauts to use. It's the ultimate pen for reliability, it will perform from extreme temperatures, underwater, any angle and even in zero gravity.

Each Fisher pen is hand tested, precision assembled and carries an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Stainless steel, preceision-machined socket prevents leaks and oozing, yet delivers instant uniform ink flow.
Thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed and pressurized reservoir writes three times longer.
Ink will not dry out for over one hundred years!
Will write upto 3 miles of writing from one refill!


The Fisher Space pen is made from brass, coated with a chrome finish or lacquer finish

The Bullet pen

length open with cap on end


length closed


cap length


barrel length