Dapper Notes

OK. These notebooks are going to challenge you. They are stunning. We are very lucky to be the first, and as I write, the only international vendor for Dapper Notes. The only way to guarantee your quarterly supply of these extraordinary notebooks is to subscribe directly from Enon at Dappernotes,com, as I do.
I reached out to Enon about how painful international subscriptions can be and twisted his arm to let me have an allowance this side of the Atlantic. 
The starting price will make your eyes water. These are not your run of the mill pocket notebooks. In the US, they are at the top of the price spectrum. Take small amounts and fly them over here and they get higher on that spectrum.
However, they are truly limited edition, lovingly handmade and frankly, really cool. If they sell, and I can convince Enon to sell me more, then we will be able to reduce the shipping cost per book.
Pocket notebooks handmade from scratch, one-by-one, with focus on the details. Dapper Notes tell a story, they're a true labor of love and you're going to love them too.
Dapper Notes Pocket Notebook Fabric Materials


Every notebook cover is made from two materials: a good looking fabric on the outside, backed by book cloth inside. These covers are just the nicest, and oh so very showoff-able.

Dapper Notes Cutting fabric on an Alvin healing mat


Created from scratch in the USA, one-by-one, with focus on the details. I glue the covers, stitch the binding, trim the corners, package and mail them to you myself.

Dapper Notes Sewn notebook thread sewing station closeup


Wax-coated linen thread is stronger than staples, and these durable notebooks will last lifetime to hold and tell your story inside.