Limited Edition Leather Pocket Notebook Cover - Summer 2017

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Mostly, Stuart carries a single pocket notebook in his back pocket. (It's a tough life being Stuart's pocket notebook.) Sometimes however, it's nice to change things up and give a notebook a jacket.

There are many excellent manufacturers of notebook covers, and Stuart has some excellent examples from many of them in his own collection.

For our own Pocket Notebooks cover, we wanted to find a maker who was 'one of us'.


Please meet our friend, Nick.

"Hi, I'm Nick Gallop, the owner and founder of OffGrid Journals. I've always been a stationery geek. For a long while I've been really into exploring the great outdoors and travelling. There have also been a few periods where I've really been into work. 

I always have a few projects on the go. This has led me to have a huge accumulation of random notebooks. It was this jumble of notebooks and my desire to organise things better on the road that led to me making my own journal covers and accessories."

We have two models in this, our first Limited Edition cover. A single elastic and a triple elastic. Both are in untanned natural leather, with black elastic. As you use it, the cover will take on its own unique colour and texture. Each cover has a discreet logo embossed on the bottom right corner and comes with its own provenance certificate.