Why subscribe to notebooks?

by Stuart Lennon

If you delight in discovery, then you will enjoy subscribing to notebooks. That frisson of excitement when the package arrives, the joy of opening it up and finding what lies within. It's a pleasure that I miss, now that I live abroad.

In the past, we had three subscriptions which you could take at the three different frequencies. All of our notebooks were pocket-sized, and you could have small, medium or large boxes, which were 1,2 or 3 three-packs. You could have these monthly, every other month or quarterly. So, we had people who were getting nine pocket notebooks every month. A little more than two per week. Yikes.

We now run four subscriptions. Three are quarterly, and one is an annual commitment that yields 6 notebooks over the year.

We take great pride in our subscriptions. We work hard to find the prefect contents for every edition, and each item is lovingly wrapped and presented to spark that joy when it arrives. All are letterbox friendly, so that receiving them is as frictionless as possible.

The Quarterlies

1. Medium. January/April/July/October

The medium-sized book is for many people, the "just-right" size. Fits easily in a bag and doesn't take over a desk. As pocket, the subscription always represents value against RRP. It may be a selection of thinner books, or perhaps a thick hardback.

2. Nero's. February/May/August/November

The wildcard. Might be anything. Small. Big. Bound, loose. Who knows? Curated by Clare and Stuart, it will be interesting, if nothing else.

3. Pocket. March/June/September/December

This echoes the original subscription and is of pocket sized books. Exact composition varies, but the box always represents a discount against RRP of the contents, and often contains 2 three packs. Enough for most people to get through in a quarter.

The Annual

The Bookhead Club from Dapper Notes.

"Most of the notebooks I create become part of the Bookhead Club. Each edition explores a variation of materials and colors to become a unique handmade notebook. Bookhead subscribers have their books delivered first, and a few remaining ones are made available for general sale."

These are extraordinary. For the true connoisseur.


These aren't subscriptions as such, they are curated collections. For many, the world of Wood & Graphite (sorry, TJ) is unknown territory. Curated by Clare, we offer an introduction to pencils with our Discover Graphite and Discover Graphite Deluxe selections. A great, inexpensive way to explore pencils.