Writing Box by Galen Leather

by Stuart Lennon

Writing Box by Galen Leather

This is not a review site. I’m not even a good reviewer. Still, we can have a go, can’t we?

First, the disclaimer.

My wonderful, generous, patient (I mean really patient) wife bought this box for me for Christmas. She paid full price. I will put a link to the vendor’s site here. If you click on this and then buy either a box or one of the other excellent items that you find there, I’ll be very happy. Not because it’s an affiliate link. It isn’t. I’ll be happy, because you will end up with a fantastic item and because Yusuf and Zeynep will have another sale. I have never met either of them, but you are going to have to trust me on this, they are good people. Nero told me, and Nero knows this stuff.

Now - on with review.

It’s a box. A wooden box. Its about 32.5 cm wide, about 26cm front-to-back and about 7cm deep. The inside of the top is lined with leather and some elastic loops. You can put stuff in the loops. Stuff like pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, that kind of thing.

Inside of Writing Box

The inside of the bottom is plain wood, but has its own little rug. Some kind of fibrous lining. The hinges and clasp are made of metal. Which metal? I don’t know…I told you that I’m not a good reviewer.

Inside the box are a couple of wooden pegs that can be used to prop open the lid at an angle, creating a handy writing slope. Inside mine was a very small pendant - the evil eye.

That’s it.

There is an option to purchase a leather carrying strap, but I don’t have one.

No charger. No memory chip. No apps.

It is absolutely stunning.

St…Un…Ing. Gorgeous. Beautiful.

It sits on my desk, and I can’t stop looking at it.

Jonny Ive would drool over the simplicity of this box. It is the essence of its function. To continue the Apple comparisons - it just works. It’s appealing to the eye, wonderful to the touch and fantastically crafted.

Galen Leather are in Turkey, and will ship most places.

I will be buying more from them. You should too.

Check them out here.