Wow. 6 months! How did that happen?

by Stuart Lennon

At the end of January, Tony and Dan handed over the keys to the notebook cabinet.

Nero and I have had a blast. We have made our fair share of mistakes, but we have got the odd thing right too. 

Pocket Notebooks aims to provide access to the widest range of notebooks possible. There is the Pocket Notebooks curated subscription where customers can sign up for regular deliveries of an eclectic mix of paper products, and there is also an extensive range of notebooks from around the world. We have even started a You Tube channel to showcase them.

We are going to shoot and present more YouTube videos. We will continue the 90 second tours, as these are a great way of letting you preview the latest models. I also intend doing some reviews, where I'll talk about the things that I'm using every day. Be patient with me, it's all a big learning curve. Get over there and subscribe, it will encourage me. ;-)

I have learned some things that surprised me. Some manufacturers/brands do not want to supply us. I don't think its a personal thing, but some companies have business models where they want to control their own sales, and some companies don't want to have their goods on web-shops. I daresay that we could find ways around that, but, to be honest, we're not going to; I respect the right of a company to create and manage its own business model. I understand why it might be good for the company, but I'm pretty sure it's not great for the consumer. But hey! These guys have been at it longer than me.

If there are types of notebook that you are looking for - let me know. I'll do my very best to get hold of it for you at a good price. If I can't, I'll direct you to where you can get it. Of course, I love it when I can sell you things, but even more, I love it when I can get the right things into your hands. Call me old-fashioned, but putting the customer first is the way that I do things.

So, from Molly, Clare, Nero and I, thank you very much for your support. We are all looking forward to the next six months.