Welcome to Nero's 2.0

by Stuart Lennon

Thanks for coming by...

We have changed much more than the look.

There’s a notebook for everyone. This is the joy of stationery, and the greatest obstacle to selling it.

Our job is to get the right notebook in front of every visitor. We carry more than 1,400 (and growing) individual products. An intuitive, logical, easy-to-navigate taxonomy is at the heart of the redesign of the website.

Shopify 2.0 is a powerful iteration on the world’s leading e-commerce platform, focused on giving every visitor an immersive experience, and we're trying to get the best out of it.

Nero's Note New Homepage

Many things bring people to stationery, but what keeps them there, is belonging.

This site was built by the community and intends to serve the community. Without Enon Avital, the redesign would not have happened. He has been generous of his time, his expertise and his passion. Our logo and typefaces are modern, but timeless. The dedication and attention to detail that he brings to every project explains why he makes such glorious, intricate and unique notebooks over at Dapper Notes. We owe him a huge debt of thanks.

New Nero's Notes Logo Color Variations

Enon brought another collaborator to us. Manuel Aguilera. Manny is the man behind the incredible mascot you see dotted around the site. Nero, for whom the site is named, was my constant companion. A miniature schnauzer who walked me to work each day. The joy that Nero brought to every moment, is a lesson on how to live.

Manny's original sketches for Nero

To see that excitement, innocence and joy illuminate a mascot fills me with wonder at what can be achieved when talent, empathy and diligence are combined. Manny is the man.

Manny Aguilera's mascot illustrations of the Nero's Notes dog

We’re working on pulling together a whole new category of Shopping Guides to help people find that elusive perfect notebook. Amanda, Eddy and Scrib are beavering away on the guides right now, and as they develop, they will become an extensive reference library.

If you’re new here, Hi! Welcome.

If you’re already a customer, then thank you for your business. It means the world to us. Take a minute to have a browse. 😁