Using a pocket notebook - 10. My favourites

by Stuart Lennon
Favourites? Favourites? That’s not fair. How could I have a favourite? I love them all equally.

There, that’s my corporate answer done.

The fact of the matter is that everyone has favourites. Of course they do. I’m no different.

The regular writers here at Nero’s, Amanda, Scrib and I, are all fountain pen users and so have a natural bias towards ink-friendly paper.

That said, I have several favourites, in different categories, and they change frequently.

So - in no particular order, quite possibly outdated already, here are some of my favourites.

Every Day Carry (EDC)

Field Notes. In my jeans, trousers or shorts there is often a Field Notes Brand notebook. For sheer variety of design, these are unbeatable. Each quarter, a new Limited Edition comes along with a fun story and an interesting quirk. The paper is OK, (avoid wet fountain pen nibs) and the quality/durability balance is about spot on. The books hold together, but look used by the time I finish.

Honourable Mentions to Moleskine, Nomad Notebooks, and Write Notepads.

Inky Pockets

I have several pocket pens. Kawecos mostly. These team best with slightly heavier paper than above. Nero’s FP-friendly are my go-to with mentions for Story Supply and Calepino.

Making a statement

Sometimes, I pull a pocket notebook and people double-take. This is time for a DapperNote. Handmade, limited edition. These drip creativity and style. Mention to Ludlow bookbinders.

Coffee Shopper

Now and again, I trim the beard, gel the hair, and go pose (sorry, I mean work) in a coffee shop. Out comes a shoulder bag, matched with a Nero’s Basic or Nero’s ink friendly.

On the trail

I love to hike. As I write, I’m preparing for my annual trip to Spain, where I’m walking the Camino de Santiago. Mostly any notebook will work, but if there is a bias, then it’s toward durability. Field Notes Expedition gets a shout here as does Rite in the Rain. I carry my stationery and paperwork in a Nock Co A6 Seed which protects, so I’ll probably plump for Mile Marker by Field Notes - it seems appropriate.

I’m off to pack for Spain.

Buen Camino