Trigging in progress

by Scribble Monboddo

Having waxed lyrical about the impressively thought-through and mindfully mindful Trigg Life Mapper, I thought I'd share the fruits of my first week with the product itself - January being a time for Resolutions, and getting organised quite often being one of them! The first thing I learned was that this isn't just about getting organised, though; it's also a throw-back to an old but useful exercise which used to be called 'counting your blessings'; a core technique in what we now call mindfulness, and none the worse for being a bit vintage.

I was having a 'staggered start' following a hectic Christmas in the first week of the year, so there weren't too many formal appointments but still a fair bit to do and it could all have been something of a blur without at least a touch of organisation. Trigg helped with that, undoubtedly, but also provided a valuable format for at least momentarily reflecting on how the day/week had gone.

Despite my sarcastic marginalia, I think many of the 'inspirational quotes' genuinely are rather thought-provoking. As a slight niggle, my partner pointed out that only a minority come from female writers/philosophers, and it would indeed be good to address this in the 2020 edition. But there are some well-put ideas and insights there and they certainly beat the average bumper sticker!

Few products like this are going to chime 100% for every individual user, and for me the sections on 'self', 'passion' etc. didn't quite resonate first time. But that's probably more about me than Trigg; the phraseology wasn't so natural to my ears, and I already have a diary system of my own which I'm not in a hurry to deviate from. However, that's just my initial feel, and as ever your mileage may vary. It can't do any harm to ask yourself these questions, whether or not you write the answers down. So if you're still planning to make good on that diary resolution and are looking for a stimulating platform on which to do so, this one's worth a try - it even copes with a hastily-scribbled fountain pen (phew!). 

Will I keep it up all year? I don't honestly know yet, and if that does happen then it may include more personal content than you'd really want to see here, dear reader. But even if it only helps to start the year the right way, that'll do for me.