Trigg Life Mapper

by Scribble Monboddo

The rather nice chap who owns Nero's Notes quite often sends me tools, schemes and cunning wheezes for getting organised, clarifying goals and generally being more productive. It's almost like he's trying to tell me something. But when the Trigg Life Mapper 2019 thumped through the letterbox I had to admit I was seriously impressed. If this doesn't sort out the whirling vortex of chaos that next year looks set to be otherwise, nothing much will.

Now, I know what a trig point is, of course. I'm a hiker, and in the far-off days before GPS this was the spot you parked your theodolite on, and admired the contours from. A Trigg, with an extra G, is perhaps some sort of positive pun on trigger, I wonder... or better still Tigger! But I digress. It's a cool brand and they should absolutely stick with it.

I can't test the thing properly at the moment because 2019 isn't happening yet and my TARDIS is in for its 10,000-light-year service right now, so this is more of a preview of a review. But I'm actually going to have a crack at using this map/diary/oojamaflip, like the boss did last year. Not absolutely all of it, if I'm honest - nothing will get me to follow someone else's format for writing about relationships, that's for sure - but probably quite a lot of it. Because mindfulness has actually been around for donkey's years, and the compilers of this very thoughtful guide to counting your blessings include plenty of genuinely apt quotes from every source you can imagine, right back as far as Seneca. Mindfulness done badly is corny, irritating, and a waste of wood pulp. But this is a mindfulness tool done well. The paper even works with a real pen. I'm going to give it a go. 'Fancy joining in?