Top Ten Tech Podcasts

by Stuart Lennon

We have had my top ten stationery-related podcasts, my top ten non-stationery, non-technology podcasts, so to complete the set, here is my top ten technology podcasts. These are not necessarily pure tech, but tech-adjacent. As ever, in no particular order.

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast The knowledge is deep, but I listen for the chemistry. I laugh a lot.
  2. Analog(ue) Casey Liss from ATP and Myke Hurley of Relay FM talk about how tech makes them feel.
  3. Download A great array of guests
  4. Cortex Sort of tech, sort of not.
  5. Mac Power Users A recently changed lineup, which has changed the feel, but still brilliant.
  6. Connected An American, an Italian and a Brit walk into a bar…and talk Apple. As per ATP above. The chemistry makes it.
  7. BBC World Service - Tech Tent Short and sweet - from the BBC.
  8. Focused David Sparks from MPU (3) with new co-host Mike Schmitz talk productivity and tools
  9. Membership - Fusion Podcast for Relay Members only, a mash-up of hosts from the Relay shows.
  10. Upgrade More media than Apple

The presenters of these shows are deeply immersed in the digital. Yet a couple of them are big analogue tool users too. Myke Hurley co-hosts the Pen Addict and may be Sailor’s greatest fan. David Sparks values his notebook and pen alongside his Mac.

I love both the digital and the analogue. I don’t think you can beat the digital for calendars. Syncing and sharing is incredible. For developing ideas, there is something special about a notebook and pen or pencil. There’s no conflict there. I wouldn’t head out for a business trip without my iPad Pro, but I wouldn’t head out with a notebook either.

As may have been said before, forget the app, there’s a notebook for that.