Top Gnu flies again

by Scribble Monboddo

One of the problems with being an avid snapper-up of posh paper is that sooner or later you'll find yourself looking at a rare, screen-printed, silk-threaded, hand-polished notebook with small-batch paper from an obscure island with unique flora and thinking "naah, that's too good to just scribble my random thoughts on". Auf Berlin, here is the solution.

Now, don't get us wrong. It's not like this is horrible. The slightly-taller-than-A6 cover is rather cool, for starters. But there's nothing posh about it. The recycled paper doesn't look anything so special that a full tea ceremony is required before uncapping a pen to write on it - so you might just feel a bit more comfortable about actually doing so.

Making recycled paper which works with a wet fountain pen is a tricky endeavour and success is only partial here; the ink bleeds mightily, and you'll probably only want to use one side. But your hasty notes will be legible, and that's the main thing. This is a notebook for, ya know, making notes in. Monastic scribes and calligraphers might perhaps prefer to look elsewhere.

As a bit of a development, this version has a ruling. Well, not so much a ruling as a dotting. The dots do help in ordering the chaos of developmental brain-storming, however, so it's a plus. If you prefer your thoughts to range over both sides of the page, the paper absolutely loves graphite, too. With a nice pencil, and a bit of distance from those ubiquitous microchips, this is a tool for getting stuff done.