Tomoe River you say?

by Stuart Lennon

I thought that might get your attention.

Fountain pen folk do like a bit of Tomoe River. Thin, light and yet remarkably resistant to feathering or bleed, Tomoe River paper shows off ink beautifully.

Tomoe River pocket notebooks internal.

Let me hit you with some specs.

Notebook Details

Pack of 2 notebooks
8.89 x 13.97 cm or 3.5 x 5. inches
80 pages of 52gsm Tomoe River Paper
4mm Dot Grid
Sewn Stitch Bound
Covered spine (no exposed stitching on the spine)
Grey, Linen finished cover 350gsm
Rounded corners
Subtle, minimalist embossed branding
For each pack of Pocket Tomoe River Notebooks sold, a pencil will be donated to a child in need.

Uh-huh. That’s what I thought.

You don't see many good pocket sized notebooks in Tomoe River Paper. Until now.

I ordered a chunk of these, and fully expect to be ordering a chunk more. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Here are some links to reviews. Warning - these may have you salivating.

The Pocket Tomoe River Notebook reviews

Well Appointed Desk - "They are everything that you'd want in a pocket size Tomoe River Notebook"

Mountain of Ink - "I love that the branding is subtle and utilitarian. Tomoe River does an amazing job handling fountain pens.........I use it daily"

Macchiato Man - "Nice and subtle....I'm confident I will keep using this notebook as my EDC notebook"

Tomoe River Pocket notebooks
We will have these in stock later this week at £11.50 the pair, along with some very swish matching pencils at £10 a pack of 12 or £1 for a single. Naturally, we will also have some of both at the South West Pen Show.

The books are from Pebble Stationery Co, an Australian outfit from Perth. Headed up by Lois, these folk are going places, I tell you. Talented, sharp and fun. When Lois said that the company was named after the dog - well, that was that.

The notebooks are wonderful multi-national hybrids. European cover stock on Japanese paper.


We will post more reviews on the blog. (Scrib is literally begging to get these in hand)

If you love fountain pens, you want these notebooks. Simples.