Time to cook the books (not literally, obviously)

by Scribble Monboddo

BomoArt of Budapest are already firm favourites in the Nero's Notes canon, but this time they really have excelled themselves. I mean just look at this. Gorgeous, isn't it?

You probably want one already, but a bit of detail is in order nonetheless. This is a proper, old-school, bound hardback with a leather spine and bespoke artwork featuring period signage from the Hungarian capital. It not only looks but feels like it came from another century, and is all the better for it.

The sewn binding holds together a generous quantity of thick cream paper, which feels good to write on. There's a tiny bit of texture, so flex nibs might not be 100% at home, but italic fountain pens work well and of course it will love graphite too. 

Also available in A5, the bigger B5 is pictured here. It's certainly not a pocket notebook, but it's built to last and deserves to be used. It'll make a great recipe book, for starters...