Thrifty Tips pt.3

by Scribble Monboddo

For us stationery obsessives, it's easy to get into the habit of acquiring nice notebooks whenever we see them and then, ya know, not quite getting around to actually using them. The guilty stash of shiny paper products grows, piled increasingly high for that magic moment when the perfect project pertains - and somehow, it never does.

So, here's probably the thriftiest tip of them all; stop saving the good stuff and take it out on the road with you! Having some cool kit with you inspires writing, or sketching, and you'll get more value from that groovy stuff you lavished so much pocket money on. It's a safe exhortation for a stationery seller to issue, because you'll probably enjoy this a lot more than hoarding notebooks - so we know you'll be back to buy some more in due course.

As a brief example, here's some kit which has just travelled on an adventurous expedition and handled some contemporaneous diary-writing too. On top is a Schon Dsgn fountain pen and an Odyssey pocket-size notebook, both from Nero's Notes of course. The gorgeous A5 hardback comes from Wigtown's marvellous Helen Morley, not yet a supplier to Nero - but one never knows...