The Vaguest Blog Post ever

by Stuart Lennon

Pictures, detailed specifications and hands-on experience. The essential elements of a good blog post for a stationery website.

Prepare yourself for none of that.

1. Dapper Notes are on their way back. Images and descriptions are under embargo. No, I haven't held one. I have seen them on a video call with their peerless creator, Enon. Look. These notebooks are spectacular. In every way.
2. Field Notes. The quarterly release is on its way. That’s all I can say. We will also be restocking the National Park series and Expedition, if you have been waiting for those.
3. Tennessee Reds by Musgrave. We had a load. Sold a load and now don’t have any. I’ll try to get more. We are well-stocked in the Harvest Pros and many other Musgrave lines. Fantastic pencils.
4. Volume 3 from Blackwing; The Ravi Shankar. Looks lovely. As soon as they hit these shores, we will get some. Unfortunately, we have no insight into the timings of deliveries which are controlled by an exclusive distributor, and have stopped doing pre-orders which have caused nothing but strife and disappointment.
5. Rob de la Porte - the man behind our own-brand notebooks, including the new “Stealth”, is putting together some stickers for us. A good sticker always enhances a good notebook.

Finally, some proper info for you. Arriving early next week from those lovely folk at Nomad Notebooks.

Green Thumb

(Description from the manufacturer.)

The Green Thumb Pack features plantable seed paper covers. These textured covers will give you the opportunity to grow marigolds or wildflowers. Each notebook is hand stamped (with earth friendly soy ink) making every notebook unique. Inside, the 70lb text weight paper will serve up a variety of pages including white, fleck, pattern, graph, green, hex and floral. If that isn't enough, a limited edition sticker will accompany each pack ordered // while supplies last !!!

Edition of 500

• 64 pages
• 5" x 6.75"
• 70# text internal pages

All seeded paper has potential for growth; however, there are too many factors that come into play and too much that can go wrong for us to take the responsibility of elements that we cannot control, like soil temperature and acidity, watering, sunlight and planting depth.

One recommendation for growth is the following procedure: Place part of the paper it into an airtight zip lock plastic sandwich bag, place a tablespoon of water (or enough to fully saturate the paper) in the bag and then seal the bag and trap a bit of air inside it so it forms a bubble to keep both sides of the bag from touching. Do this in a room that has an ambient temperature of at least 72 degrees and allow the bag to be touched by sunlight for a few hours each day for the greatest possibility of growth. Once you see the sprout's roots searching for soil, transfer the paper from the bag into a pot (or garden) with a light covering of soil and continue nursing by daily watering.

Video links to other options:

Thank you all for your support over these last few months. Stay safe, and stay careful.

Remember...there’s a notebook for that.