The new boy's first week

by Bold Apps

What does this button do?

Never, ever, has that question led to something good.

Thus far, anything that I have broken, I have managed to fix again.

There is now a delivery charge on UK orders of less than £13.50. On smaller orders, the postman was the only one making any money. Naturally, it's easily avoided, just put another pack in the basket. :-)

Apart from not trying to break anything, this week has been all about ordering stock. Tony and Dan have been finishing off the last of the January subscription boxes, and the last ones will be going out tomorrow or Tuesday.

We have lots of goodies on the way from the US, from Field Notes, Story Supply, Word. and Writepads. I'm also working on some other suppliers across the pond. Before they get here though, we will have some European brands in store. Keep an eye out for announcements on them next week.

The best moment of the week was undoubtedly unveiling an absolutely stunning range of notebooks from Papio Press. This British couple are illustrators by trade, and boy, can they illustrate. The covers on these books are truly works of art. They come in pairs, one lined and one plain, and we are giving them away at a fiver.

Unsurprisingly, they are flying off the shelves, with one design already out of stock. Get on the site and get some before this allocation goes. (Put three in the basket to get free UK P&P)

Thanks to everyone for their messages of support and all of the help on social media. It really means a lot. Thank you.

As you can see, Nero is exhausted. Early starts, late finishes and a haircut. A taxing week.

Have a cracking week everyone!

And remember...forget the app, there's a pocket notebook for that.