The A5 Seed

by Stuart Lennon

What sort of idiot needs a cordura jacket for his notebook?


I wrote before about the notebooks that I carry to and from the office.


Recently, I powered home at quite a clip. It was a hot summer’s day, the birds were singing and I had decided that a cold beer awaited me at home. The prospect of a cold beer always adds a percentage to my walking pace.


As a habitual walker, I’m reasonably fit, but on a hot day, I still work up a fair sweat. Good for my fitness, not quite so good for paper products inside my pack.


Turns out, I’m exactly the sort of idiot who needs a jacket for his notebook.


Fortunately, we have recently taken delivery of the A5 Seed by Nock Co.


Loaded Seed A5 by Nock Co


In the picture is my Fa-Vo content journal (this post was drafted there), a Pelikan 805, a TWSBI 580AL and a Blackwing 602. The Fa-Vo is ‘smart-sized’ at 204mm by 144mm, which is a wee bit smaller than A5, but bigger than say a Baron Fig Confidant. I’m certain a true A5 journal will comfortably fit the Seed.


The cover closes comfortably, with the notebook tucked in either one side or both. As I write, the book is sitting inside the cover, which is not optimum - its like resting on a pillow, but it works. Writing on left hand page, means I’m leaning on the pens still in the case. Obviously, the trick here is to have the notebook shrug off its jacket before getting down to work.


The Seed keeps my notebook dry and protected, against rain, sweat and the rough and tumble of life in a backpack. Just to see, I closed the case with the Fa-Vo, a Baron Fig Confidant and all the writing instruments in it. It’s tight, but comfortable. Put that together with the various and sundry slots in the Seed, and this could be home for ALL of my #edc . That appeals.


Like everything from Nock Co, the A5 Seed is well-designed and well-made. This exact one is not for sale though. It’s mine.