That's for the birds

by Scribble Monboddo

Every now and then, Nero is sent a prototype, with a view to discovering whether you the luvverly customers might find collective cockles warmed by the prospect. Here is one such - and it's a flighty one.

OK, OK, this notebook is not actually imbued with the powers of aerial locomotion, but it does have a lot of birds on the cover. Better still, it's full of paper which you could readily write on with a feather, but more about that in a moment.

This particular prototype is pocket-sized, which means it will fit the many notebook holders made for that purpose by the likes of Field Notes and William Hannah. That's already a win if portability is your preference.

The clincher, as ever, is usability, and here the provenance of the product is quite a pedigree (if that's not tautologous). Made For Ink is a fairly small enterprise in the very small county of Rutland, with an eye for detail and almost an obsessive fixation with finding paper which joyfully accompanies a fountain pen. This prototype is a classic of the form, with subtle dotted lines to guide the hand, too. Want one? Tell Nero!