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Lochby Field Journal

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

As some of you might know, I'm a writer. Whenever I'm out walking, I have a notebook with me, usually an A5 or thereabouts. These notebooks get tossed in my rucksack and have to hold their own. If only there were some sturdy, lightweight cover I could put them in... one that wouldn't add much weight to the bag but which would keep all sorts of bits and bobs together, including the notebook, a pen and various other random odds and ends...

Enter the Lochby Field Journal!

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“Fire up the Quattro”*

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

No, not an Audi. A Lochby.They say:“The Quattro fits your favorite four pens for when you're on the go. Lightly padded, fully zippered, and wrapped in our dry waxed canvas, you can rest assured your pens will be protected. Fits in the back pocket of our Field Journal.Offset pen pockets for a flatter carryNylon zipper reduces scratches over metal zippersExterior pockets for cards, bits & bobsDouble stitching and bartacking throughoutComfortably fits 4 pens100% Vegan” Remember when we used to travel to work, to the coffee shop, to other countries? That’s what the Quattro is for. You can tell that Chris,...

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