Paw Prints — Anxiety

When "Morning Pages" take place any time of the day

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

I'm know I'm not alone in having my mental health affected by lock down, but in many ways it's surprised me. I'm not known for being a party animal. In fact, my "lock down life" is incredibly similar to my "pre-lock down life". The only differences are not being able to see my Dad in his care home, and missing my knitting group. I maybe had one coffee-date with a friend a month, pre-lock down. You'd think I would be able to take this pandemic in my stride.

I'm trying to write my way out of it. Not my books... they currently lie outside my grasp and trying to write them is more frustrating than healing. No, I'm trying to journal, or write to process my thoughts and feelings.

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Inner Peace

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

No links today. Just some thoughts. I doubt that I’m the only one managing anxiety at the moment. Now, I make no claim to the heroics of those on the frontline, nor to the challenge of being locked up in a flat, looking after restless children. My lockdown is most definitely of the easiest kind.That said, my anxiety is not one for reasoning. It’s a slippery, covert thing that sidles onto my chest, heavy and brooding. I never see it coming, until it’s there.Anxiety comes in many forms and if you are at all worried about your own health, reach...

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