Store Update Feb 2021

by Stuart Lennon
Earlier this week, I wrote on my blog about the joy of introducing someone to the world of stationery. That look on someone's face as they discover that not all stationery is created equal.

Stonehenge Operations HQ has been buzzing this week, with Clare’s daughter, Molly supervising the stocktake. I have promised not to order an avalanche of American pencils before the next one.

Every time there’s a big sort out at HQ, some hidden gems turn up, ends of line or ones that just slipped to the back of a drawer. Check out the Dapper Notes section for some of the last remaining examples of certain limited editions available anywhere.

“The Writers”, Amanda and Scrib have been put in harness, and as well as writing their usual insightful articles, have been standardising all our product descriptions for the new site. That’s a task all about attention to detail and therefore one that I try to keep well away from, given that I have the attention span of a distracted squirrel.

Some customers await information about new stock in the Schon DSGN lines; so do we. Ian has been doing all sorts of work in his new machine-shop (check out his Instagram) and as we speak, has a pencil behind his ear, working out Quo vadis with wholesale offerings. When we know, you will know.

As I type, craftsmen in Rutland and Yorkshire are putting together some beautiful notebooks for us. On details, my lips are sealed.

February’s subscription was a “Nero’s” and we shipped a beautiful No4 Notepad by Rhodia. “Oooos and aaaas” could be heard continent-wide on mail day. A couple remain, if you are quick. Each sub runs quarterly, and you can take all three if you want a monthly surprise. Clare does an incredible job of presentation, making each one special. Treat someone. Treat yourself!