Standard Memorandum 2020

by Stuart Lennon

“Inspired by pocket journals from the early 1900s, The Standard Memorandum is designed to chronicle one year of your life. Word. Notebooks has once again teamed up with designer and illustrator Jon Contino to create a modern version of this storied notebook. The 2020 Standard Memorandum is the latest incarnation of the exceedingly popular daily pocket journal, and it’s ready to tackle your new year. Just like with the original, simply jot down a line or two every day for a year, and you'll be left with a memento you can save or pass down. It’s a year of your life on paper.

The Standard Memorandum project began after Jon discovered his wife's great-grandfather's pocket journals from the early 1900s, each of which painted a detailed picture of his life. Born out of the desire to start doing this himself, Jon partnered with Word. Notebooks to create a journal just like the ones he found. The Standard Memorandum is that journal, and your 2020 edition is available now.”

Full disclosure. I haven’t seen this in the flesh yet. I keep one of the 2019 versions.

First up, they’re tiny. A day entry is, for me, on average, fifteen words. This constraint serves two purposes. First, it’s not intimidating. As a first time journal -keeper, surely I could manage fifteen words? Second, with only fifteen words, I’m forced to consider what I want to write. Not much room for rambling.

The paper lends itself to pencil or ball point. I save my fountain pens for bigger, different paper.

I’m not sure who will discover my pocket journals, and if someone does, whether they will be able to read my handwriting, but keeping one has provided me with a sense of satisfaction.

Ours will be here for sale on or around the 11th of December, depending on customs.