Spring is on the way

by Stuart Lennon

What Ho! How’s it going? Are you emerging blinking into the light? Is lockdown finally coming to an end where you are?

Here, on Aphrodite’s Isle, everyone is gearing up for the grand reopening. Everyone except the virus that is. Stubbornly, infection numbers are on the rise, so, a bit more time indoors for us, I think.

This week Clare sent out the latest pocket subscription, containing a set for the graphite gang and a set for the inky people. Pencil Pusher is a collaboration between Story Supply of Pennsylvania and CW Pencils of New York. A bright modern design. For pencils, for sure, but great with pens too.

StoryBoard, the Farm comes from Endless Works of India. Made with fountain pen friendly paper and a pair of fabulous covers. The colours make me think of Spring. Details like sewn spines always fill me with joy. 


Naturally, Clare added some extras and hand-packed every box as only she can. We have 3 flavours of quarterly subscription, one for every month of the quarter. Pocket, Medium and Nero’s. There’s something magical about a mysterious package coming through the letterbox, jammed full of lovingly chosen and prepared stationery. It’s a wonderful way to treat a loved one - or even yourself. Go on. You deserve it.

New in this week, some top notch, hand-made artisanal notebooks from Rob de la Porte in Rutland. Nero’s very own fountain pen friendly line is a staple for many people, and there’s a whole range of Nero’s basics too. This year we have also taken a stock of “colours”. Excellent dot grid notebooks in three lovely colours. Why have three covers of the same colour when you can have one of each?


We have more coming from Rob this year.

Clare and I have been working hard on discovery, seeking out more independent makers, and will be launching two more new-to-Neros lines over the coming weeks. Of course, Field Notes and Blackwing have Limited Editions due, and we will be getting them here as fast as we can. It will be Field Notes’ 50th LE - so expect something special.

2021 is going to be a great year. (If we make it so.😉)

Remember, forget the app, there’s a pocket notebook for that.