Silly Season

by Stuart Lennon
I have been at this retail lark for a while now, and as a consequence, the moment the leaves start turning, I’m thinking about stock. Cyber Friday, Black Monday, Wally’s Wednesday, Turnip Tuesday…they’re all on the way.


Standby for my annual grinch announcement. Nero’s doesn’t participate in any of the big sale days. There will not be amazing prices to be had on day x or y. We do our level best to source excellent stationery and sell it at a fair price all year. We take pride in offering the fastest and friendliest service that we can, every time.


My wallet is cowering, having taken a battering this week. In stock now, we have Field Notes Letterpress and Blackwing Eras. There’s a fantastic seasonal release from Pebble, all the way from Australia.

On a plane right now, we have these…

For me, pound for pound, the best pencil (and box) in the world. These are like hen’s teeth, so don’t rely on more coming in.

For months now, I have been talking with Chris @ Lochby, trying to get stock of these excellent covers and refills. It’s been tough. Not because Chris is difficult, he’s not, he’s fantastic - but because every time he has got new stock in, it has flown off the shelves. Tomoe River in waxed canvas. What’s not to love?

Coming at the end of the month, from Spain, Octagon Design. Planners and notebooks with a bit of attitude and a lot of design.

We have new kit from Nomad Notebooks coming too.

I’m talking to a new distributor who carries several top brands that would be new to Nero’s. Exciting! (If I've still got any cash left!)