by Stuart Lennon
Nero is heading for the sun. In less than a month, the CEO and his human servants will be in new Mediterranean quarters.

Loggedoff will carry on operating as it always has, Clare and Kaylee will be fulfilling orders, dealing with queries and any and all logistical and service issues from Pocket Notebook Towers, here in Andover. Nero and chief walker, Stuart will set up a new sales and marketing office on Aphrodite’s Isle, Cyprus.

Despite his youthful appearance, Nero is a senior citizen. English winters play havoc with his arthritis. The dry mild winters of Cyprus will be much more to his liking. His humans are pretty keen on that element too, and expect to keep fit by playing golf in the sun and swimming in the pool. Quite what the CEO will make of the lizards and snakes is anybody’s guess, but it should be fun.

From a customer point of view, nothing should change at all as all of the functions moving to Cyprus are remote ones anyway.

Stuart will continue to record his podcast at 1857, and to blog both here and at Right now, Stuart is blogging a series called ‘Living the Dream’ all about crafting out a lifestyle in the sun. Swing on by!