Seed A6

by Stuart Lennon

When it comes to pocket notebooks, I prefer simplicity. I have tried plenty of covers, but always revert to 'bareback' and slip the notebook into a pocket with an EDC pen or pencil. A little wear and tear on a notebook doesn't worry me too much.

However, there is one use case where a cover makes sense for me:

Hiking. I walk in all weathers, either in 90 minute snatches as commuter or longer when I go on walking holidays. Weather and paper is not necessarily a great mix. If it's hot, then I can soak a notebook from the inside-out and if there's rain, then from the outside in.

I had taken to carrying my notebooks in my backpack, but as I wrote here, water was still creeping in. So, often, I throw my pocket notebooks into my A5 Seed with my desk notebooks.

However, when I go hiking, every gram of weight counts. For me, the key to enjoyable walking is not to carry unnecessary things. Weight is one reason for that, but I also enjoy stripping life back to as simple as I can make it.

Now - when I say simple, I could of course, elect not to take a notebook. 


That's not going to happen.

I need the notebook, for some information that I preload, but predominantly because I like to take a few moments to record my thoughts out on the trail.

I know that the Seed A6 will work perfectly. I can notebook(s) pen(s) and use it for some of the other essentials that I take on camino. I will put my pilgrim's passport in there, my Standard Memorandum and probably all sorts of things - like safety pins, anti-inflammatory tablets and the like.

Nock Seed A6

The bright colour ways are perfect for inside a bag pack, easy to spot and pull out.

This is getting repetitive, I know, but its Nock. It's well-designed, well-made, and well...just good.