Pebble TN (a.k.a. The Glorious Notebook)

by Amanda Fleet

Ooh... now THIS is a lovely thing!! It's Traveler's Notebook size, has a sturdy cover, and 200 pages of 5mm dot grid Tomoe River paper.

Have I got your attention yet?


The Pebble Stationery TN-sized notebook. This is the first TN-sized notebook that Nero's has stocked, so why this one? You need to ask? It's glorious.

Okay. Proper specifications for you:

It's true TN size: 210 mm x 110 mm. The cover is a pale blue leatherette which is strong enough to withstand some rough and tumble, though I suspect most TN users (like me) will have a beautiful cover to keep it in. There is discreet branding on the front cover, but nothing too 'in your face'.

The paper is 52 gsm Tomoe River, which is the super-thin version. For some people, this has a bit too much show-through/shadowing to the reverse, but that depends to some extent on which pens/inks you use. It does mean that you get 200 numbered pages packed into a super-slim notebook that weighs just 150g.

Inside the front cover is a slightly thicker page for name and contact details. The first writing page of the notebook is a single-page index. There are then 198 numbered pages of 5 mm dot-grid paper. The dots are fairly fine, so you could easily ignore them if you wanted to.

The final lightweight page is for ink tests. How brilliant is that? There's space for 7 ink swatches, with space to record the date, pen used and the ink (because as all fountain pen users know, it can be the combination of ink and nib that can determine whether the ink shows through to the other side).

Right at the back is the other half of the thicker paper, with information on The Pebble Stationery Co.

There are two ribbon markers! Not many (any?) TN-sized notebooks have even one, never mind two. For the bullet-journallers out there, this makes it super easy to mark monthly v weekly spreads, or weekly spreads v notes etc. The ribbons are beautifully colour-coordinated with the book - one a pale blue almost the same as the cover; the other a complementary silver.

So, pros and cons for me...


Well, you get a lot of notebook packed into a lightweight item! It's incredibly well designed with the ribbon-markers and numbered pages, and it has Tomoe River paper (of which I'm a definite fan).

Pebble Stationery are also a supporter of literacy and for every notebook purchased, they will donate pencils to support children's creativity and learning.


The only one I have (and I realise I'm nit-picking!) is that the index could have been spread over two pages. This would give a slightly longer space for the index (which, considering the notebook has so many pages, might be an advantage), and that the page-numbering would match convention with odd-numbers on the right-hand-side. Of course, as it stands, it means that you get a double-spread of dot-grid to start with, which is clearly an advantage if you want to start the book with a monthly or weekly spreads etc.

Overall, I think this is an amazing little notebook - perfect for both general notes, plus also for bullet-journalling. In a fortnight, I'll review the Pebble Calendar Stamp Kit - a superb little bit of kit that will save you oodles of time if you BJ.

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