Partner me up...

by Stuart Lennon

What Ho! 

How time flies. The Ides of March have passed. No hint of assassination here.

The title of this post was not a cry for your matchmaking skills, but an expression of the achievements thus far this month.

Pocket Notebooks has entered into an agreement with Swankyapple (what a name!) who will be doing magical things with the site. We (Nero and I) are also working with not one, but two wonderful videographers. TJ Cosgrove, long-standing friend of the site and pencil guru, is putting together beautiful product videos in glorious Northern Ireland and Heidi Bawden is working on some 'at the coal face' footage here on the Hampshire/Wiltshire borders. So, expect some cracking moving pictures in April.

As I write, there are 199 different products up on the site, and I have two awaiting set-up tomorrow.

I am excited to be carrying some Moleskine. Some fountain pen users had very bad experiences with this powerhouse brand. However, now, I find their paper pretty good. Sure, it's not up there with 'the best' but it's certainly better than most, and the finish is top notch. Give Moleskine a try.

We have a load of Public Supply in now (ruled and dot), what beautiful books they are.

We now carry the Steno pads from Field Notes and the Reporter's pad. These join the Whitelines wiretops. 

Need a pencil? We have from Public Supply, from Field Notes, and the Palomino Blackwing. I had no idea that a pencil could be so seductive. 

In the next couple of weeks, I hope to be announcing several new lines. We have already made agreements in principle with Darkstar Collection to carry their new pocket notebook, with Nock Co to carry most of their line and with a new American supplier to bring in two new notebooks...I am far too British to be 'stoked', but I am most definitely excited.

I hope that you are enjoying the new additions to the site, and these posts. Any and all feedback is great appreciated. 

All the Best


PS...Forget the app, there's a pocket notebook for that.