Papio Press by Robbie Ross

by Stuart Lennon

Having read of his fondness for a decent writing instrument, I asked Robbie if he would provide some honest feedback on the Papio Press Notebooks...

Papio Press Notebook review Pocket Notebooks stock a great range of notebooks and these latest ones from Papio Press are a super addition to their line-up. Papio Press is a UK company run by husband and wife team Harry & Zanna Goldhawk. Harry & Zanna are incredible illustrators who work hard to make sure that all the artwork they create tells it's own unique story, with gorgeous botanicals and characteristic animals they really are different to many notebooks we see.

This particular set is entitled ‘Tigers’ and comes in a pack of 2 A6 notebooks. (10.5 x 14.8cm). Each notebook has a 300gsm cover with 48 80gsm pages made from recycled paper. One plain page notebook & one lined page notebook.


The front of the Papio Press notebooks

From a design perspective the covers are a pleasant change from many other pocket notebooks which helps these stand out from the crowd. The design is beautiful and the colours used work really well.

The reverse of the Papio Press notebooks

The cover and the paper inside is printed on 100% recycled paper and even the cellophane bags the notebooks come in is biodegradable. The card used in the covers is strong enough that I can bend the cover back over and comfortably write in the notebook holding it in my hand.

The inside front cover of the Papio Press notebook

The inside back cover of the Papio Press notebook

It can be difficult to decide what pens to use when writing a review of a notebook. As stationery lovers we all have a huge range of pens we use on a daily basis from fountain pens to rollerballs and ballpoints. But for this review I've kept it simple and used…


The pens & pencil I used

The paper is slightly rougher than say Field Notes however it can handle what you will want to use it for. There is some bleed through with the slightly thicker 0.7mm Retro 51 ink but nothing that would cause a problem.

A little bleed through - primarily from the Retro 51 I have to say the item that I enjoyed writing with the most in the Papio Press was the Baron Fig Archer pencil.

The slightly rougher texture of the recycled paper just lends itself perfectly to the lead of the Archer.

The Baron Fig Archer pencil in use in the Papio Press

I generally like to carry my notebooks around in my pocket. I like to have them on me all the time and can’t wait for the cover to look a bit worn and ragged. These notebooks might not be the perfect fit for my pocket however I would definitely use them at my desk at work or around my home for notetaking, and at £5.00 for a pack of two they are a great addition to your collection.

The full range of Papio Press notebooks can be found by visiting:

Disclaimer: Pocket Notebooks provided these notebooks to me free-of-charge to review. Many thanks to Stuart for sending them to me and inviting me to write my first ever notebook review!