Off the net and into the web...

by Scribble Monboddo

Forget the app - there's a notebook for that! The old motto for this very site seems to have an echo in Rhodia's otherwise baffling decision to call their terrific hardbacks 'webnotebooks' - or Webbies, for short. Where the webbing is, heaven only knows. Perhaps, like The Bruce of auld, they were inspired by arachnid tenacity? 

Then again, the décor rather suggests an equally keen obsession with rainbow Zebras. 'Nothing wrong with that, of course - but golly it must have been fun in that branding workshop! 

Rum titles aside, this is one of those products which is so flawlessly good that it barely needs any further recommendation. It's sturdy, well-made, comes in an eye-popping range of colours (obviously purple is best, but your mileage may vary) and doesn't cost crazy money either. So what is the humble blogger to add?

Well, let's talk about paper. Naturally enough this uses Clairefontaine (of which Rhodia is a sub-brand) - and that's definitely good news. It's a joy to write on, gets along with fountain pens like a house on fire and doesn't wrinkle up afterwards like some other well-known paper stock we could mention. Oh, and there's a handy pocket in the back, too. It's basically perfect. Get 'em while they're hot!