by Stuart Lennon

A new interpretation of the offside rule? A strange and unusual punishment? No. An analogue statement.

I have one of these on my desk.

It's a block of wood with a couple of metal pins in it.

Yep. That’s it. A. block. of. wood. The beauty is in the simplicity. From Off.Lines own website:

“Minimalism for maximum functionality is the concept behind our off lines Paperstation: A modest, beautifully shaped, sloped wooden block from oiled solid wood that does not only provide an exclusive eye-catching design, but also calm and minimisation. The notepad is held by two shiny metal bars embedded into the block. The form becomes the carrier of information and off lines will be further carried in the truest sense, because the pages were designed for the mobile off lines Notepad. The holder also acts as a stationary refill station.

Product Features

Walnut, Solid oiled, or Oak.
Size: 1.7 x 10.5 x 16 cm
Paper cream colour, 7.4 x 10.5 cm
Paperstation with metal pins
200 sheets for refilling”

It's a paradox - but this analogue beauty sits best in with the digital. At my writing desk, the last things I need are individual sheets of note paper. I’m a notebook sort of guy. However - when I’m at my computer, and want to quickly note something without breaking my digital stride, a small rectangle of paper is exactly what is required.

The paper station comes flat or sloped and in a variety of woods. Check out the leather flip wallets too - for those hoped-for days when we can get out again.