November already...

by Stuart Lennon

Blimey. I turn around and two months have passed. I’m sorry. 

It has been a busy couple of months. I will write some posts on the various things that we have been up to at PocketNotebook Towers, but in brief...

September was mostly time off for Stuart. A week walking the Camino de Santiago and then most of the rest of the month, he was in Cyprus, enjoying the sun and sea at the beach. Poor Clare was left doing everything. Naturally, the quality of service increased, without Stuart’s interference.🤔

October, Nero returned from his late summer camp with a spring in his step and Stuart was back from the sun, and straight into rehearsals for pantomime. Barely back into the swing, we started preparing for yet another office move.

As I write, we have got everything into the new place - which is in the same complex as we were before. The new space is larger, allowing us to have separate areas for stock, for fulfilment and media production. I intend to start regularly updating the YouTube channel and launch a podcast. That’s going to be easier when I have a dedicated space.

If you feel moved to write us a letter, we are all at Unit 25, Walworth Enterprise Centre, Duke Close, West Way, Andover, SP10 5AP and are delighted by all mail that isn’t a bill. 

This week, I will be adding some new menu items to the main page of the site, for our seasonal offerings, please pop by and have a look. We are also looking at a ‘Wish List’ function, where you can tell us what we need to go find. I’m not sure whether that will be best handled here on the site, or through one of the social channels. The Facebook page perhaps?

Right - time to write out my lines, in the hope that some will finally go in to my stubborn head...

Remember, forget the app, there’s a pocket notebook for that.