Notes from the Mountain Hideaway

by Stuart Lennon

Mrs L has bought me a Christmas T shirt -

“All I want for Christmas is a coffee and my dogs. It’s too peoply outside.” Do you think she’s trying to tell me something?

Field Notes

I want them too. Snowy Evening looks wonderful. As do the Gaming Journals and the new National Parks. We have placed a huge order, and paid for the fastest possible shipping. In normal times, I would be confident that we would be shipping to you next week. These are not normal times. The Team at Field Notes are at full stretch, in challenging circumstances. As is Clare, who despite all of the obstacles thrown at her, has still, with the wonderful Royal Mail, got orders out throughout the pandemic and accompanying lockdowns. I’ll keep everybody informed on social media as to the progress. Everybody will do their best to get them you in time for Santa, but please bear with us.


The full range is in stock. I’m very taken by the black. The pocket journal, teamed with a Schon DSGN classic. An indestructible pairing.


From MadeByEndless, who provide us with the Endless Recorder, a fantastic A5 journal with Tomoe River paper. I haven’t had one in hand - and the paper is described as “Endless Ink-Loving Paper”. I can’t wait to check it out. I love thread-binding.


To clarify. If Blackwing Editions are made available to the UK, we buy them. When they’re not, we ask Blackwing if we can buy them directly. They say no. It’s incredibly frustrating for us, as much as for you. We’ll keep trying. In the meantime, those Tennessee Reds and Harvest Pros from Musgrave are very, very good.

Remember…forget the app. There’s a notebook for that.